Proudly introducing for the first time ever in the history of medical science. The first & one of their kind in the world backed up by a Patent Technology, borne after a thorough and meticulous.
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Jv-Scan Preventive Health care Clinics advocate and adopt: “No Sickness Policy.”

Freedom from any disease is our Dream and we will achieve it one day.

We live in a Fast moving society which has transformed itself fast not only to mass adopt the Digital Revolution but also  to face the challenges of Digital Consciousness.

Digital Consciousness is no boom too. It has its set of Side Effects. Abusing our Own Bodies with Drugs/Alcohol/Caffeine/Tobacco etc is not uncommon and with the advent of era Digital, Mobile Phone Radiation, the Next gen Culprit has paved its way into the List.

Jv-Scan Preventive Health care Clinics aim to work strictly on “NO SICKNESS POLICY”

Our Mission is therefore to see this New Technology pave its way into the Lives of as many as Possible  in the shortest Span of time, so that Mission No Sickness Policy can be Achieved.

 CORE OBJECTIVES To bring about effective advances in disease Prevention : A step beyond wellness.

  1. To act on the guidelines laid down by W H O in 1984 Geneva convention.
  2. To adopt and Promote NO SICKNESS POLICY and its effective Implementation, utilizing :
  • -JV SCAN
  • -Customized Medical Meditations
  • -Customized Mind Design academy Workshops