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Activate the Superconscious

Manifest @ Ease

At the Time of Birth, every single Human Being is Gifted with Certain Attributes, which with passage of Time fade away.

At the Time of Birth, the Only Mind that a Human Being has, is the Super conscious Mind. The other Minds are Man Made.( The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind)

With due Conditioning of The Mind which takes place as we Grow up, More traditions and Belief Systems are added to the Core of the Subconscious mind and at one point in our lives we forget everything about the assets we have and the gifts we can use to Create and Manifest a Life we deserve.

All these Virtues, Attributes, gifts and Positive or Love Based Emotions are Located at the Level of Super Conscious Mind.

The Traditional Belief systems and the Subconscious Core that Harbors it become the Most Unwanted Culprit. We lose the Keys to Open the Gifts locked up in the Super conscious Mind.

Jv -scan proudly introduces the most powerful and effective technique in a step by step approach that will help you activate the super conscious mind with complete ease and joy.