Proudly introducing for the first time ever in the history of medical science. The first & one of their kind in the world backed up by a Patent Technology, borne after a thorough and meticulous.
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“Diagnostics will play a Major role in Disease Prevention and any Diagnostic that is capable of capturing the Energies of Missing Body Frequencies, at the level of Emotions, will have an Edge.”

“Maheish MD Hukmaani”

With the advancement in technology in the last decade we seem to be heading fast towards an era where in new methods and advancement in technologies will play a vital key role in Health.

Technology is the Human minds gift to mankind.

Health related technologies are emerging fast and soon we may witness many flooding the Health Sector.

Imagine a time a few decades back when even a minor issue would require a high dose of Anti biotics to just contain the disease & prevent its further spread to the next level.

Imagine a World today where in the Doctor patient relationship has transformed into something more transparent , thanks to Google and other Search engine Machines that are flooded with Health information.

I am hereby pleased to Introduce to you, the Next Generation Health Technology that is already transforming Lives.

Jv-Scan: The New Age Diagnostic that Utilizes Voice Analysis for early detection of Diseases.

Jv-Scan is an advance Technology in Health care Sector and for the needs of Health care sector.

Its a new age Diagnostic and can scan the whole body in 30 seconds to give you :(By Means of 30 seconds of Voice Recording: On phone, in Person or via our Mobile Phone App on Google play).

  1. Root Cause Analysis: Trapped Emotions
  2. Stage wise Progression of Disease Process: Neural Pathways.
  3. Stage of your Disease Process: From Mind to the Blood and to the Body.
  4. Nature of Missing Frequencies in the aura.
  5. Frequency Associations: At Mind, Blood and Body level.
  6. Chakra, Meridian, Elemental
  7. Hormone/Neurotransmitter
  8. The state of the Mind: Whether Conscious or the Subconscious Mind is Your Dominant one.
  9. Reporting of 30-50 Pages depicting in detail:

Changes at The Emotional Level: List of Negative Emotions: Root Cause.

Changes at Blood Level: Neurotransmitters, Hormones, Amino acids, Vitamins, Electrolytes, Ions, Minerals etc

Changes at Body Level: Which Organ/Set of Organs are affected now and Predictive involvement of Future.

  1. Bach Flowers and essential oil
  2. Crystal Recommendations
  3. Color Recommendations.
  4. Brain wave recommendations
  5. Balancing is done by missing frequencies detected: Sound therapy.

This facility is available to the user in the form of a Mobile phone application, that will allow your voice to be recorded and be sent to us.

Technological Advances in Health care are the key to innovative delivery of end products to the client that not only satisfies the quality but also the economic calculations incurred over such technologies.

Jv-Scan: Fulfilling W H O Guidelines.

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