Proudly introducing for the first time ever in the history of medical science. The first & one of their kind in the world backed up by a Patent Technology, borne after a thorough and meticulous.
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Medical Meditation

The melding energies of science with those of Meditation techniques has already begun.

Proudly introducing to the World, after a thorough Research of the Ancient Vedic Scriptures, a Highly Powerful technique to Heal your Body cells in the form of a Guided Meditation.

Self Healing method, through the intervention of your Inner soul core Energy.

The only Meditation technique that Heals by Reprogramming the Subconscious mind.

Medical meditation is the blending of science with spirituality to create a Blue print for a sickness free life.

This system has been retrieved from Ancient Vedic Scriptures which has mention of Saints using it effectively to achieve a Long life.

This system is a part of the centralized process that works smartly to keep us sickness free and needs to be activated in a step wise manner to bring about permanent changes in the genetic blue print.

It involves activating the Inner soul energy, which is a part and parcel of  the Energy of God and has remained dormant in our body since our birth time as we never bothered to communicate with it.

We didn’t have the awareness to acknowledge its presence inside our body because we were never taught about it.

It is the Smart Body that controls our Brain and Heart and is present in each and every cell of the  Human Body ready to be activated the moment you communicate  with it.

It is the GENIE WITHIN ready to Help you the Moment you establish connection with it.

It doesn’t govern you but it has attributes to respond and communicate with you and bring about spontaneous remissions in side the body.

It responds  to the Human Consciousness and is considered to be the DNA consciousness present around trillions of our DNA Molecules in the form of an energy field.

It is Programmable and requires just one command to bring about Miracles in your life.

Join me in a 3 hour Seminar as I explain to you the  complete step by step approach towards activating Your Inner soul energy to bring you a sickness free Life.

Learn to Communicate with the Inner soul Energy and open up the channels of Communication to connect with it and bring  about Miracles in your Health.

Learn to activate the Soul Energy in a 4 step approach towards creating a new genetic imprint.

You get 4 CD Tracks of Guided Meditation as a part of your Road map to a sickness free life.

One CD Track each for a week.

“Your 28 Days to a sickness free life.”

Self Healing Made Easy

The self help Healing by Soul Energy is in the form of a 4 week Guided Meditation series , where in you get 4 CD tracks in MP3 Downloadable  format, one for each week.

Each Track is for 7 days and you must listen at least twice a day for 7 days before proceeding to the next level.

First Week: Invoking the Soul Energy and activating it.

Second Week: Commanding the Soul Energy to Heal your Cells.

Third Week: Commanding the Soul Energy to Heal your Energy Body, Physical Body and the Mind.

Fourth Week: Commanding the Soul Energy to re program your DNA blue print for a Sickness free life.

Imbibe this as a new Life style in your daily routine life “.

Its my sincere attempt to teach and guide you towards a sickness free life. I want you all to use your Consciousness to create your own commands which are best suited for your needs.

With Each week you will start seeing major shifts in your  consciousness.

With Each week you will find massive transformations within you.

With each week you will raise your own vibratory frequencies

With Each week your communication with the soul energy will be easier and even with Open Eyes.

Order your “28 DAY Sickness free Program” today and Bring in Good Life.

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