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Crystal Prescriptions using Jv-Scan


Customised Crystal Recommendation based on your Voice Analysis

Crystals are known to be the Best Healers ever known to the Mankind. The unique structure possessed and the ability to Transmit Subtle Energies makes them even more interesting.

Crystals play an important role in preventing diseases and keeping you healthy, but if you succumb to illness, they are a gentle and effective healing tool.

Crystal Healing is a gentle & Non invasive process that creates balance on all the levels and provides support to the body’s own Internal Healing Systems.

Selection of the right crystal is  therefore very crucial in order to obtain maximum Benefits & Fastest Relief.




Various Methods have been employed for many centuries so as to give the right crystal that suits you the most.

They are:

  • Finger Dowsing Method
  • Pendulum Dowsing Method.
  • Own intuitive Abilities
  • Astrological Recommendation     

However None of these Methods can be considered specific when it comes to getting the right one for you.


Latest Research in the Field of Voice analysis by Dr Mahesh Hukmani led to the discovery of a highly sensitive & specific method that could help in Recommending the right Crystal for your optimal Health.

The New Method Involves a 30 Seconds of Clear Voice Recording, on the state of the art software developed with the Help of a Spanish Company.

For every Frequency recorded in a human Voice, There is a similar Frequency as carried by a Crystal or a set of Crystals.

This Concept is new and being Utilized  by us at the Moment for Recommending the Right Crystal for you.



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