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Venus Name Scan


It is the First  ever Scanner in the World that breaks up your Names into a Frequency value and Correlates it with the following: 
  1. Your Happiness Quotient
  2. Your Overall Success Rate
  3. Your Manifestation Power
  4. Your Health Status
  5. Your Wealth & Abundance factor, etc.
To Suggest a New Balanced Name  with Frequency Values Closest to the Universal Frequency of God and thus Helping you Raise your Vibration Level.


According to the Universal Law of Affinity Like attracts like & Two similar frequencies will attract each other.
That means : Higher the name frequency, higher is the manifestation power and success rate
In a higher frequency state You can create anything with complete ease and joy as if by magic. You become your own master You create You manifest Your dreams become a reality
This is all Scientific Research Work and not related in any way to the principles of numerology or Astrology and Utilizes the Principles of  Frequency Attunement.
It is based on the fact that an addition of one alphabet or deletion of one, can generate extra frequencies which may be helpful and changing your name can actually change the course and quality of your life, as you start vibrating with a new frequency which is higher up on a vibrational Scale of Emotions to bring about the desired results.
This package offers you a chance  to select a name filled with complete positive vibrations
  1. Download our App from Google play: Click here
  2. Register as New User
  3. Click on Venus Name Scan
  4. Fill up the Required Details.
  5. Send us.
We shall send you the New Balanced Name with  a report after Payment Confirmation
Click on the Link below to watch the Video


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