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Weight Management : MDY-004


To have a Good Body is the One of the Most Important Aims a Youngster can ever have.Few of us Do achieve this Goal, while Others cant.

Be it Your Metabolism, Life style, Eating Habits or a sedentary Life.

Being In a Light and fit body has become one of the most Important Priority for the Youngster of today’s Time.

Our Carefully Calibrated Set of Sound Frequencies will help you with the excess water Retention and melt the body fat, effortlessly.

This Self empowerment Program involves Interacting with Youngster’s in an Open interactive Discussion format and then highlighting the means and methods to gain more clarity on the road map to follow.

This Self empowerment Program is nothing but a road map to use certain  methods & techniques, designed and monitored scientifically to activate or silence certain parts of  your Mind for achieving success.

This Self empowerment Program is also available in Sound therapy format to give you the required Healing Sound Frequencies for Managing Weight Issues.

As a Part of Jv-Scan Preventive Health care Initiative, we also Organize such self empowerment series workshops for Youngsters in their respective Colleges and Institutions.

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