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Emotional Healing

Emotions are electrically charged motions and affect our day to day life to a large extent.

Each emotion has a vibratory frequency which affects the psyche of an individual harboring them.

Each emotion is the result of a thought process coming out of the Conscious mind and based on the intellect of the individual guides it to take an action.

Blame it on the Conscious mind? Yes.

Every thought emerging out of the depths of the Conscious mind each day is processed and analyzed in terms of form, structure and data and based on the final interpretation sent to the sub conscious mind for storage and further retrieval of the memory later on.

The subconscious mind is thus laden with an emotional burden if the processing by the conscious mind  was a fear based phenomenon. This leads to the inception of Negative emotions in the sub conscious mind. Such fear based emotions give rise to emotional debility and thus begin a journey towards sickness in the body.

The impact of this emotional state of the sub conscious mind not only is the beginning a disease process  in your mind but it also has profound effects on the activity of the super conscious mind.

If the subconscious mind has positive emotions stored within and if it manages to  remain so for at least 3 weeks, we can see the activation of the super conscious mind and there fore speedy manifestation in terms of Health, wealth, Relationships etc.

Emotional healing is the door way to higher consciousness & can be achieved by:

  1. Silencing the conscious mind
  2. Re programming the sub conscious mind
  3. Activation of the Super conscious mind.

 Lets Vibrate higher on the Scale of Emotions because it is our Right to do and should be considered as a part of the soul journey