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Unlock Your Health Potential with Self-Assessment at Home with Jv-Scan’s HERTZ HARMONICA SCAN MENTORSHIP PROGRAM Are you ready to take control of your well-being like never before? Introducing Self-Assessment at Home – your gateway to becoming a walking CT-SCAN right from the comfort of your own home Join our mentorship program called HERTZ HARMONICA SCAN Discover Insider Secrets in Just One Day YOU CAN LEARN in just one day, the secrets Dr Mahesh Hukmani was able to decode in 15 years of his Research. It’s a mentorship program with handholding of 30 days and 8 zoom sessions to make your perfect in what you learn with endless case studies and real life examples What do you learn in just one day 1. The art of Body frequency mapping including Calculation of Body frequencies which are Normal, weak, Missing and hyperactive frequencies 2. Generating Sound Frequency prescriptions: using software @ home base on identification of missing and weak body frequencies 3. Hand on Training on all software 4. Hand holding till you develop expertise All you have to have is A Laptop and the willingness to be a Walking talking CT-SCAN Well researched with scientific evidences, case studies, testimonies and validation in the form of a PATENT The Benefits of joining HERTZ HARMONICA SCAN mentorship with Dr Mahesh Hukmani You Can't Miss: 1. Continuous Self assessment of Health insights at home 2. Regular health monitoring at home 3. Generating Sound frequency prescriptions for Self, friends, family 4. Get Trained to turn your self a walking talking CT-SCAN machine 5. Life Long License FOR PERSONAL USE 6. No commercial license 7. Get Continuous hand holding support through out life 8. Cost savings 9. Remain in a constant state of balance, inner Harmony, well being 10. Record your voice at ease and get personalized sound frequencies for emotional well being any time u feel 11. Reverse illness permanently 12. No hospital visits 13. No long waiting 14. Personalised self care at home

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