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"Never Stop learning as each day unleashes a new life chapter "!!!

Be a Certified Voice Analysis Practitioner and free the world of Sickness

Learning on How to  Unleash an Excellent Health using a Mobile Phone App? 

Diagnosis App
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Facilitated by Dr Mahesh Hukmani
Founder & CEO at Jv-scan Private Limited.

Dr Mahesh Hukmani, an Eye Surgeon, who left his well settled professional career  in pursuit of creating  sickness freedom and succeeded in creating one after 14 Years of Genuine Research work to give to the World -A new, Home based, self Diagnosis tool using voice analysis with Artificial Intelligence.

This Smart Health App follows  W H O guidelines towards Secondary Disease Prevention and is therefore capable of detecting diseases in their Pre-illness Stages.

In this Workshop we will cover

voice analysis workshop details




Over view: Health care Industry

Wellness: Facts n factual

Wellness Vs Disease Prevention

Why Disease Prevention?

Modalities In Disease Prevention


The Role of Diagnostics

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Health care

Upcoming Modalities in Health care Diagnosis

Modalities for mass Screening

Introduction to voice Analysis

Voice Analysis Some Facts

The Interpretation Of Human Voice

Hands on case Studies

Training : How to Operate the App

How to Use Software

Root Cause Analysis

Positive Traits

The Coping Up Mechanism

The Chakra System in Voice Analysis

The five Elements in Voice Analysis

The Human Mind and Voice Analysis

The  Yin-Yang In Voice Interpretation

Various Health Scores:

  • Mental Health Score

  • Physical Health Score

  • Blood Health Score

  • DNA Health Score

  • Overall Health Score

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