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Emotion based Diets

For Depression or any negative emotional states

Emotional eating involves using food as a way to feel better rather than to fill your stomach. But emotional eating does little to help solve emotional problems. In most cases, it makes things worse. A well-researched diet after identifying real problem works effectively and brings calmness.

Types of plans
Our Dieticians have come up with special Diet plans based on your emotional states.

These are:

  • Diet Plans for Stress

  • Diet Plans for Anxiety

  • Diet Plans for Depression

  • Diet Plans for Anger issues

  • Diet Plans for Grief



The Unique Algorithm of Jv-Scan Identifies these Emotions when u record your voice for just 30 seconds.

Each emotion passes through various stages in the mind to spill into the blood to bring about Dietary deficiencies which further lead to ill health at the level of the Body

Balancing your Mind Body soul with the nutrients identified by Jv-Scan Algorithm is the key here.

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