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Introducing your own personal
health diagnostic tool

We, at Jv-Scan, have been advocating preventive healthcare for the last 10 years or more using Voice Analysis as a Diagnosis tool, invented by Dr Mahesh Hukmani

Technology Developed for all age-groups

Voice samples can reveal a lot about a person's health, and Researchers believe they can identify underlying medical conditions in the Pre Illness stage or gauge disease risk based on subtle vocal cues. Using the Jv-Scan App, the user can record short speech samples, analyze them, and derive statistics about the user's health using a smartphone or other wearable device.


From Research to Clinical Practice : 5000 People tested through Voice Analysis

Conditions that affect our minds and bodies cause changes in our speech such as changing our tone, slurring our words, emphasizing certain words, lengthening our pauses, and more. Based on these factors, a unique Jv-Scan Algorithm with AI  - A home based Preventive diagnostic tool has been developed that helps to diagnose and predict many diseases in the Pre-illness stages.

               A Unique Algorithm


Identification of disorders in pre-illness stages


Customized reporting


Root cause Analysis


Real time Analysis

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