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Medical meditation as the name suggests is a blend of Spirituality and Science.

Medical Meditation involves utilizing the Healing powers of your quantum soul core energy called Innate Intelligence, to heal emotions, blood elements, organs and system. Activating the Soul Consciousness and Talking to the cells @the Sub atomic level is the key.

How do u achieve that?

This is done with ease by :

  • Raising the Vibrations of the cells and DNA

  • Achieving  Greater Consciousness at all 3 levels:

  • Mind

  • Cells

  • DNA

When this state of Oneness in Consciousness is Achieved we Finally, Formulate Phrases that act as Commands to the Soul Energy-Aligning Oneness with Soul Consciousness.

The Commands act as Catalysts and will bring about Activation of the Soul Energy and owing to the Alignment of Consciousness at all levels with soul Consciousness are considered to be the most Powerful tools to aid Healing at the Quantum level.

It involves a series of Guided meditation techniques for activating Spontaneous Remissions in the Body by communicating with the Soul core that occupies you at the quantum level.

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