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Organ Based Diets
                    For Organs at Risk

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There is a specific function for every organ in the body, but stress, food, and everyday living can compromise their effectiveness.

For Instance : Arthritis is a progressive disease, its symptoms can lead to organ damage. The liver, kidneys, and intestine help your body eliminate waste and absorb nutrients. If your liver or kidneys are overloaded, waste accumulates. Toxins in the body are perceived as a threat by the immune system, causing inflammation in the body.


The Human Body is represented by Vibrations which are defined as Frequencies and Measured in HERTZ

Each organ has an operating frequency, and the unique algorithm of Jv-scan can detect these Frequencies even at the quantum level.

Integrating Nutrition Diet plans for the First Time based on the detection/evaluation of missing Frequencies in your Body at the Organ level.

If the Vibrations of an Organ or a System are as weak as the Normal Vibrations, the algorithm picks up those and recommends Diet plans to strengthen the affected Organs or Systems with Vitamins, Amino Acids, and other elements that are required for the Proper Functioning of that Organ/Organs.



Customized Organ based Diet Plans

Bulls Eye Effect Action

Brings a state of harmony with replenishment of frequencies in the form of Diet and Nutrition

Brings the organ in a balanced state by replenishing the Missing Diet Elements

Creating a state of Balance at Mind, Blood, Body

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