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WHO Recommended Preventive Healthcare Tool

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The World Health organization formulated certain guidelines for disease prevention. These guidelines were further divided into 3 parts- Primary prevention, Secondary Preventions, and Tertiary prevention.

Primary prevention-those that we are observing during this Covid-19 Pandemic that is hand sanitization, wearing a mask, social distancing, and isolation.

Secondary Prevention - screening to identify diseases in the earliest. stages, before the onset of signs and symptoms, through various measures.

Tertiary prevention is a part of allopathic medication that means to cure a disease to prevent any complications using rehabilitative measures.

Voice analysis is one of the tools used under secondary prevention that bridges the gap between Primary and Tertiary prevention.

What Is Voice Analysis Tool?

Voice analysis is a new system of early diagnosis that is preventive and it follows the World Health organization’s guidelines towards disease prevention.

This tool gives a full body scan in just 30 seconds.

Now, with the help of this tool within no time and without feeling any pain you get easily have an early diagnosis of any health issue in your body and can take the right preventive measures to stop that issue right there.

It has various names like Voice Analysis, New age Diagnosis tool, and Home based diagnosis tool.

This tool is Economical, Affordable, painless, and has no radiation hazard.

How does it work?

You need to record your voice for 30 seconds and it scans your whole body.

Our bodies are made up of energies. There are 12 major systems in the body represented by certain frequency values at which a particular organ resonates to fulfill its functions.

Based on the atomic mass that is the number of electrons and protons we have different organ structures, different functions, and different resonance values.

These values are expressed through human vocal cords when we speak.

This is the basis of voice analysis.

How is voice analysis Helpful?

Voice analysis tool can help in early diagnosis which can prevent the disease from spilling from asymptomatic to the symptomatic stage.

This is that tool that bridges the gap between primary preventions and tertiary preventions.

This is the need of the hour, especially in the current circumstances when the world is going through the global pandemic of Covid-19.

By voice analysis, you express the resonance, the vibratory value of every system, every organ, every emotion, and the blood element.

All you have to know is to know different frequencies at which these organs or systems vibrate to perform their respective functions in the human body.

It has the potential to become the future of medical science and the medical fraternity with its ease of scalability, adaptation, reaching out to the masses.

Especially when it comes to reaching the rural MASSES.

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