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Nutrition & Treatment Through Voice Analysis

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Health care with AI in Diet & Nutrition is a New Revolutionary Approach towards Customized Diet Plans based on your Voice Analysis and Organ Risk Calculation as Recommended by the Jv-Scan App.

Our Dieticians have Worked Hard to come up with Customized Nutritional packages for all -The Diet Meant for you and as Spoken by your Own Body Through your Own Voice.

Your Body is the best indicator of your Health status and it speaks to you through your Voice to communicate the Deficiencies based on the Vibrations detected by Jv-scan.

Our Research has led the Dieticians of our Team to subdivided their Diet Plans based on Missing Frequencies Detected.

  1. Organ Based Diets: For those Organs at Risk

  2. Chakra based Diets: To Strengthen your Each Chakra Separately

  3. Emotion based Diets: For Depression or Any Negative Emotional States

  4. Issue based Diets: For Weight Loss etc

There is substantial research to support the use of sound therapy to relieve physical and psychological pain. A study by researchers at the University of California discovered that people who began this kind of meditation noticed a reduction in stress and anger. In another study, low-frequency sound stimulation significantly increased patients’ ability to stand and sit for extended periods without pain in individuals with fibromyalgia..”

Sound is also reported to have benefits to health in meta-analyses. Binaural beats have been proven to reduce anxiety in 30 studies conducted by researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany. McGill University researchers analyzed 400 studies and found that music improved mental and physical health. “While sound therapy isn’t a cure-all for most people with severe pain or stress, it’s definitely beneficial,” Milosavljevic says.

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