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Updated: Apr 26, 2022

For Everything to be Created, the universe has a strange Mechanism. It takes away a piece of you with it, Uncreates the path you followed for long to Create a New one , with awareness of the Transformations you had to go through.

No Transformations are painless The Laws of Universe Prevail both outside and within us. This is where Innovations are Borne, Created and Made. He resolves to dissolve and solve what is needed and guides us through the Process of Transformations, sometimes Multiple so you get there eventually.

Like everyone else I was leading a Middle Class life , borne into a Family of Doctors where my Father was in the Army and Mother Taught in a Medical College.

Little was I aware of my Future at that moment; Neither Stressed nor wanting to, only flowing with the Universe and what was flowing towards me naturally.

That moment and point of time , if questioned about my Life Purpose and why I visited this Planet? I would answer back shrugging my shoulders in Innocence and in Negative.

“So there came a Point in My life where the universe decided to make me aware of this fact, My True Purpose, My Life Purpose ,a tower moment as they describe well in Tarot cards and suddenly I witnessed everything I loved crashing before me.

Jan 2008, came in as a Real Transformative Year and changed my Life 180 Degrees.

Realizing I was Plunging into Depression that meant Medical Attention, eventually I was Put under Anti depressants and Sleeping Pills for the rest of my Life creating the Zombie routine that followed each day and it was never gonna end..”

Awakenings and Realizations then followed and I bowed down before the Universe seeking my Answers which gradually kept trickling in as the clock clicked forward.

I wanted to get myself off the Medication and that Intention took me towards Alternative medicine especially Vibrational Medicine.

I read many Books and soon realized what my Life Purpose was.

A new Paradigm was about to be Borne and It did in June 2013.

After 6 months, in Dec 2013, I was able to kick off all my Medications, using the same system and till date I have not touched any sort of medication. A complete Transformation sans Drugs.

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