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Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Founded in 2013, Jv-Scan is an AI-Based home based healthcare Diagnostic Tool that helps in mapping the mental & physical health issues.
Jv-Scan has been Advocating Preventive Health care since 2008 and in process of providing “disease-free life”, Dr. Mahesh Hukmani invented an AI-Backed Health-tech app that is utilized as a New Diagnosis tool for Detecting Missing Frequencies in the Body that are responsible for Creating Stress initially and Sickness Later.
The New Diagnosis tool Follows W H O Guidelines laid down in 1984 Geneva convention.
It involves a voice recording of only 30 seconds to tap the Vibrations coming from the Vocal cords. These vibrations have frequencies of different values and there is representation of all body systems, organs, blood elements and emotions associated, when we record a spoken voice. A total of 72 frequencies are mapped that are spread across all 12 systems in the body.


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The nature of Missing , weak, hyperactive or irregular frequencies gives us an indication of how the disease will progress from the mind into the body and how much time will it take to affect a particular organ if left untreated.

How does it work?

This is the First Ever Home Based Technology driven Health care delivery system at the moment where the client doesn’t go the Hospital and the Diagnosis and treatment is delivered to the client through the email.


When you record a Voice and examine it carefully it gives you the following information:

  • Personality Traits of an Individual

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • State of the Mind: Dominant Conscious or Dominant Subconscious

  • State of All Negative Emotions & their 

  • Further progression into the Mind.

  • The Origin of Stress: Due to Weak 

  • Subconscious Mind or an Activated 

  • Conscious Mind

  • The brain wave patterns indicating your state of your Mind at the Time of Voice Recording.

  • The strength of the Coping up Mechanism

  • The Strength of the Immune System

  • The percentage of How much balancing is achieved through the Coping up Mechanism @ time of Voice Recording.

  • Stage wise Progression of your Disease Process from the emotional level to the level of Blood and Further Progression into The Physical Body with Predictive Involvement of Organ or System-The Organ Risk Calculation

  • Changes in the Blood: Quantum Bio markers : Indicating Deficiencies or excess of: Neuro Transmitters, Hormones, Amino acids, Minerals, vitamins, ions, Electrolytes



Research work started


Basic Prototype Model was Lunched in Chandigarh.
More than 1000 people tested till 2016.


Android Phone App Launched with Calibrated Voice Recorder for Sending voice samples from across the Globe.
More than 3000 voice samples tested for its effectiveness , till Feb 2020.


Q1: Patent Applied


Q1: Research over Real Patients in a Hospital base setting  to Correlate the Diagnostic Accuracy


Q2/3/4: Integration of Artificial Intelligence in the Current Working Module to Prepare a Home based Mobile Phone App


Q2: Integration of International and Practitioner Modules


Q3: Listing of the App on Google Play/IOS over a Monthly /Yearly Subscription base for end User


Q4: Integration of Hospitals Pharmacies and Labs in the current Platform


Q1/2: Launching Worlds First Ever user case Health care Platform in Block chain Pan Globally


Q3/4: Entering the World of Metaverse


Rural Penetration

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