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Meet the Team

We are Backed up by a Medical Professional with his Invention & His Innovative Skills as we Move Ahead.

His Knowledge and Skills have been passed on to the Whole  lot of People working on this Project.

We Understand the needs of the Hour when it comes to Medical Fraternity as Evidenced Recently By Covid 19 Era where in Preventive Health care Measures Helped Masses in Acquiring a Corona Negative Status. This is called Primary Prevention.

Lets Take it to the new Level of Secondary Prevention- By Early Diagnosis of Any Medical Condition or Ailment using Jv scan-Voice Analysis  as a New Diagnosis Tool.

Achieving Tertiary Prevention is also Possible with Jv scan- That is Reversal of the Disease Process to Prevent any Surgical Intervention and Rehabilitation.

We Understand that the Future of Medical Science  is Preventive in Nature and with the surfacing  and Emergence of Diagnostic tools like Jv-scan, it has become much easier for us to understand and follow the Company Mission Statement, Guidelines and Core Objectives for an effective Implementation.

The Pulse of the Market is a Valuable indicator to the Success of a Project and with Covid 19 Creating Much awareness Towards Disease Prevention and Preventive Health care we feel we are heading in the Right Direction towards achieving Our Goals.

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