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decoding the human voice
To map Mental and Physical Health issues using Artificial Intelligence 

Research jvscan

When you speak into the phone for 30 seconds, the information contained in your entire Nervous system is transmitted through your voice and decoded by Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

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THE IDEA_edited.jpg

The Research work began way back in June 2008 and the Intent was to Reverse the Progression of Dr. Mahesh’s Own Disease Process which had already laid its prongs within his mind and was progressing towards a Greater degree of Endogenous Depression.

The Human body has 4 Unique Characteristics , the signature pattern of ones existence. Each one has a Different One

1. DNA Print
2. Finger Print
3. Iris pattern
4. Voice Print

Much work had been done on all except the Voice Print and this is how the Research work started, the Aim being Reversal of the Disease Process.


The Technology Developed by Dr Mahesh Hukmani Named Jv-scan is based on the same Scientific Principles as
That of X-Ray, MRI, USG, CT-SCAN. Together they may be Grouped as Frequency Related Health Technology-
The Common Components of Which are:

Frequency Projection

In Health Technologies , this term is referred to when certain frequencies are projected inside the Human body and reflectivity of the waves is studied to understand the underlying pathology.
In Voice Analysis, frequency Projection happens when a negative emotion of a low vibratory Value gets lodges into the depths of the Sub conscious Mind.

Collection of Signals

In Health technologies, the signals reflected from the body are collected over a computer screen and a data/Pattern of the same is created to understand the changes that have happened in the Body.
In Voice Analysis, collection of signals is done through a Voice Recordings and the Voice Grid there after gives us the Understanding of Subtle Frequency Imbalances in the Body.


In Health Technologies the Interpretation of Collected Signals Is always done manually by a Radiologist
In Voice Analysis, the Unique AI Algorithm developed by Jv-scan does the Interpretation at the Click of a Button.

Detailed Encyclopedia of Diagnosis


The Software for Recording of Voice sample was Procured way back in 2008 from a company from Spain called Voice Sync. The software is Capable of Breaking a Spoken Voice into 72 Frequencies with representation of all Body Organs into the same.

The Original Work of assigning and finding correct frequencies for a Particular Emotion, Blood Element, Body Organ and Systems took more than 5 years to develop with the aid of friends and relatives who volunteered to be a part of this Research.

A whole Detailed Encyclopaedia of Diagnosis then came into Existence which has been Named as Frequency Cards with detailed work on Each Frequency Highlighting the Root cause/Causes for a Particular Missing or Hyper active 

Frequency, the Issues faced by the individual as a result of the same, the addiction patterns he/she would face, changes in the blood with respect to Hormones, vitamins, Amino Acids, Neuro transmitters-The So Called Bio Markers of Health, and finally the Organ Affected Right Now and the Ones at Risk ranging from 6 Months to 5 Years from the Time of Voice Recording.These are called Psycho Neural Pathways and for the First Time Ever in So much details, they have been Highlighted.

From Idea to AI backed Health-Tech App

In 2016, the development of an Android based application was complete and any one from across the Globe was made capable of accessing our services and treatment options via e-mail thus marking a new era of Digital consciousness for Home Based Digital Health- Getting Full Body Scan Reporting and Multiple Treatment Options

In 2021, after testing the Entire system on over 5000 People, the Integration of Artificial Intelligence was done, thus unleashing a New era in Health care Diagnosis sitting at Home and creating a New Paradigm in Home based Preventive Health care Services

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