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Own your Personal
Health management

Welcome to the World's First ever 

Home based Smart Health

Mobile Phone App with Artificial Intelligence


Health Management


Voice Analysis

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Instructions to Download 

Congratulations for taking the First Step Towards Health Management @ Home.

Click below to Download our App on Google Play


Instructions for Using the App.

1. New User Registration

2. Login 

3. Click on Microphone

4. Follow Instructions

6. Record Voice

7. Don’t Recite Mantra/shloka/Sing

8. You can speak in Any Language.

9. Read or speak continuously till the Recorder Stops. No Breaks, No Pause

10. Allow time for AI engine to Process your Voice

11. Download full Body Report


Please Speak Immediately after pressing the Microphone icon, with out even a single second delay to ensure highest quality of voice in terms of Good Signals.


In case of any Technical Issues using the App, kindly write to us on

Download the app now & send a Voice Sample

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play
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