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To Strengthen your Each Chakra Separately


Chakras are circular centers of energy responsible for the sustenance of life.

They act as both receivers and transmitters of energy and are connected to the human mind at the quantum level and are therefore the points of disease creation when imbalanced.

Our body has seven main chakras – where the main glands are located from head to toe – and seven primary colors. Each chakra in the body is interconnected to the others, and the health of each is reflected in the health of the others. Add certain foods to your diet, and use certain colors in your environment and appearance to achieve overall healthy living.

The Human Body has 7 Major chakras and 22,000 Minor Chakras on each side of the body

Each Chakra is shaped like a flower and has a particular number of petals that resonate at a particular frequency range to transmit energy from the mind into the body and thus responsible for the flow of energy called life.

Types of plans

we offer 7 types of Diet plans Namely:

  • Root Chakra diet Plan

  • Sacral Chakra Diet Plan

  • Solar Plexus Chakra Diet Plan

  • Heart Chakra Diet Plan

  • Throat Chakra Diet Plan

  • Brow Chakra Diet Plan

  • Crown Chakra Diet Plan



As worked out by our expert Dieticians, the Diet plans contain precisely the Nutrients required by each Chakra for their Normal Functioning at the Quantum level.

As recommended by Jv-Scan Algorithm, one can plan a diet plan to Realign their Chakras and thus Create oneness in Consciousness at the Quantum level for the Body to Heal

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