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The use of Artificial intelligence in voice analysis for early & accurate Diagnosis of diseases in the Pre illness stages is going to open up new opportunities in the existing  healthcare Industry for all including Doctors, Paramedics and other Allied Health care workers of the Alternative Medicine fraternity, The Ayurvedic Practitioners and the list goes endless.

We at Jv-scan utilize a unique Algorithm in AI to  detect the presence or absence of certain Vocal  biomarkers in detecting Pre-illness stage Vibrations of Different elements in the Body for diagnosis, risk prediction, and identifying the organs at risk.


We have developed an algorithm that has been tested on a single dataset to gather the results and then on a second dataset to establish the results. Voice is a powerful tool to analyze changes in your body. 



Our Voice Analysis reporting is unique and gives you over 12 reports along with a few Health scoring points with Recommendations and 6 Treatment options, so you can & your family stays Healthy .


  1. Your Personality Traits Analysis

  2. Root Cause Analysis of your Current Health issues

  3. The Coping Up Mechanism Analysis

  4. Your 7 chakra Analysis

  5. Your 5 Element Analysis

  6. Brain wave Analysis

  7. Disease progression Analysis

  8. Your overall immune system Analysis

  9. Your predictive organ risk calculation

  10. Overall Blood Health Analysis

  11. Overall Physical Health Analysis

  12. DNA Health status Analysis



  1. Mental Health Score

  2. Blood Health score

  3. Physical Health Score

  4. DNA Health score

  5. Overall Health score




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