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Are you Looking for a Permanently Glowing Blemish Free Skin Like Others?

Do you wish to Look More attractive?

Try this New Revolutionary Acne Management Program today and say Good Bye to Expensive Skin Creams and Lotions.

This Program will act on the Meridians and Chakra of the Body that are responsible for a Blemish free Skin-Balancing Them and Thereby Increasing your Glow with Elimination of Acne.

 The Sound Frequencies used at jvscan are a Mix of

  • Base Frequencies
  • Sweep Frequencies
  • Isochoric and Binaural

Listen to these sound frequencies at least 30 minutes  Twice daily for at least 60 days for best  Results.

Results may vary depending upon the cause and Your Prescribed Medication.

Listen only with Ear Phones while Walking, Jogging or when at Home while Watching Tv, Reading A News Paper or while at Rest.

“Please don’t Listen while Driving a Vehicle”.

Acne Management Sound Therapy

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