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Anger is your worst enemy ever and you should take initial steps to manage it or else it manages you”

The Mind body soul working as a Coherent unit are in sync with  each other at the Quantum levels and the Energies are balanced to give us Peace of Mind and serenity as a part of our soul right.

Any Imbalances at the soul level initially are reflected back at the Mind level and thus the development of trapped  emotions in the subconscious mind and further development of Anger issues and frustration.

Jv-Scan  Preventive Health care Clinics help you to maintain this balance and remove all energetic  blocks leading to anger and so on.

Balance all elements in the mind body soul that create Anger and manage anger with the most powerful and integrated sound therapy pack right from the day you start.


This Sound Therapy Program  will help you to get rid of Emotional Outbursts and Over reactions to any Normal Life Situation and create a Pathway for a New Personality people will recognize- A serene You.

Instantly feel a wave of Calm as you Start this Sound Therapy Program.

The Sound Frequencies used at jvscan are a Mix of

  • Base Frequencies
  • Sweep Frequencies
  • Isochoric and Binaural

Listen to these sound frequencies at least 30 minutes  Twice daily for at least 30 days for best  Results.

Results may vary depending upon the cause and Your Prescribed Medication.

Listen only with Ear Phones while Walking, Jogging or when at Home while Watching Tv, Reading A News Paper or while at Rest.

“Please don’t Listen while Driving a Vehicle”.

Anger Management Sound Therapy

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