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To have a good body is the One of the most important aims that  youngsters can ever have.Few of us do achieve this goal, while others cant.


Be it Your Metabolism, Life style, Eating Habits or a sedentary Life.

Being In a Light and fit body has become one of the most Important Priority for the Youngster of today’s Time.

Our Carefully Calibrated Set of Sound Frequencies will help you with the excess water Retention and melt the body fat, effortlessly.


This Sound Therapy Program  will help you achieve Weight Loss Instantly with out any Dieting or Exercise.

You can Lose a Maximum of 5 kg per Month with this Calibrated Sound Therapy Program for Quick weight Loss.

For the First Time Ever, Green Coffee Beans in the Form of Sound Frequencies.

There fore it is safe and  has No side Effects.

The Sound Frequencies used at jvscan are a Mix of

  • Base Frequencies
  • Sweep Frequencies
  • Isochoric and Binaural Beats.

Listen to these sound frequencies at least 30 minutes  Twice daily for best  Results.

Listen only with Ear Phones while Walking, Jogging or when at Home while Watching Tv, Reading A News Paper or while at Rest.

Please don’t Listen while Driving a Vehicle.

Green Coffee Weight Loss

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