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Are you displaying compulsion towards addictions? Be it Tobacco or Drugs or Alcohol?

Break away certain Behavioral Patterns that lead you towards Addictions. This Sound Therapy Program  will help you to Get rid of the Urge towards Addictions of Any Sort.

The biggest social taboo or other wise of the current time is Alcohol.

Time and again the society witnesses the ill effects of Alcohol not  only at the emotional level but also socially, physically, financially and other aspects of one’s life.

The fashion statement of the Youngster’s we call Alcohol has firm grip over the society and we witness broken families, Broken relationships and shattered Dreams and Emotions as Alcohol marks its way into our lives as a Symbol of High status and page 3 World of Illusions.

Jv-Scan  Preventive Health care Clinics invite you to participate and take up the Sound therapy packs  for Alcohol with drawl, a combination of positive affirmations,  switch words, brain waves and Emotional healing that will induce the re programming of the Sub conscious mind and lead you to a healthier life not  only Socially but also Emotionally and financially.

Overcome Addictions Sound Therapy

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