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Switch words get the conscious and the subconscious mind to work together as a unit and therefore always used in situations where there is conflict between the conscious and the sub conscious mind.

Switch words are the words which can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. All words can become Switch words.

“Mental frequency changes through switch words”

All words have some power to become Switch words.

Switchword phrases are the combinations of few Switchwords without using and follow the grammatical rules.

Switch word phrases have particular energies of used Switch words to attain desired results. Many Switch words can be clubbed together to create a Switch word phrase in order to acquire the power of many Switch words into one for quick results.

The efficacy of each switch word may be enhanced when they are made to reach the depths of the subconscious mind bypassing the logical Conscious mind. This is by way of Subliminal Route.

Jv-Scan  Preventive Health care Clinics offer you the right switch words/phrases for the Root chakra in subliminal Mp3 format.

Order your pack today and heal yourself the Scientific way.

Root chakra balancing: Subliminal Switch words

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