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Modern life is full of hassles, frustrations, deadlines, benchmarks, demands and expectations. We are in a fast moving society and stress has become a part and parcel of our day to day routine and we don’t even know how to get rid of it as we never acknowledged stress and something alien.

Jv-scan preventive Health care clinics offer you the most scientific way to strengthen your coping up mechanism and therefore a life full of love and hope charged with high positive Vibrations.

This package offers you Specific Sound frequencies mixed with the amazing Healing powers of Scalar Energy.

Feel the Neurotransmitters balancing from day one and get your self lifted to a new level of Positive Energy and Happiness


This Sound Therapy Program  will help you to get rid of  the patterns you have created towards a Stressful Life.

Brainstorming of Thoughts into your Mind leads to Stress. This Sound Therapy Program has Certain Brain waves and Sound Frequencies to Calm your Cluttery Mind and Relax it so you Cope up well with the External Stimuli.

You will also be able to Kick off all your Prescribed Medications & their Associated Side Effects on your Body.

Instantly feel a wave of Calm as you Start this Sound Therapy Program.

The Sound Frequencies used at jvscan are a Mix of

  • Base Frequencies
  • Sweep Frequencies
  • Isochoric and Binaural

Listen to these sound frequencies at least 30 minutes  Twice daily for at least 30 days for best  Results.

Results may vary depending upon the cause and Your Prescribed Medication.

Listen only with Ear Phones while Walking, Jogging or when at Home while Watching Tv, Reading A News Paper or while at Rest.

“Please don’t Listen while Driving a Vehicle”.

Stress Buster Sound Therapy

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